2022 was a very good year for Dragon Ball great. With the theatrical release of the new movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which did well at the box office, and the conclusion of the saga of Granolah the Survivor in the manga, surely all insiders of the two productions can be said to be very satisfied.

And while the Dragon Ball Super Manga officially returns to the magazine on December 20th V jump, it is a news of the last few days that the new Dragon Ball Super anime will be announced soon and will not be the sequel to the first super anime. So a new year full of commitments is upon us Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro.

The latter made aGoku illustration for a clear stand that everyone who buys the December issue of the magazine gets free of charge V jump In the Tsutaya shops. In the artwork you can see in @'s tweetDBS Chronicles At the end of this message, the protagonist of Dragon Ball stands with a proud gaze surrounded by his aura.

Toyotaro created the tribute illustration to celebrate the best new Dragon Ball Super sagaeagerly awaited by all fans. After the twist in the finale of the Granolah the Survivor saga that saw the arrival of freezer In its new form, the Z-Warriors will in all likelihood have to battle with the alien, who is once again determined to destroy Earth.

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