After witnessing the terrible revenge of George Glooman in Spy x Family Episode 19, the anime continues in the second cour Anya Forger for school research. Operation Strix isn't progressing, but the girl with the telepathic powers shines as a mascot!

In the twentieth episode of Spy x Family, Professor Henry Henderson gives homework to the students of Eden. The children must visit a workplace to conduct an interview and then develop an essay. Anya, who is passionate about spies, apparently decides to accompany her father, Loid, to work. However, he has to be content with visiting the place where Twilight works undercover, the General Hospital Berlint. in the Spy x Family 20 we meet a colleague of Twilight, the secret agent Fiona.

When Anya asks her father why he chose this job. Loid replies that he intends to tend to the sick. In reality, he's hoping that Donovan Desmond will get sick and go to the hospital to meet him.

Suddenly Loid has to leave due to personal work matters and he leaves Anya alone in his study. Instead of waiting and playing, the girl rummages through the room until she finds a secret passage.

Finally, back at school, Anya reads Professor Henderson's essay about her father's work. Because of his version of events Loid is called back to Eden Academy.

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