Despite Togashi's various breaks over the last ten years, Hunter x Hunter continued. After the very long saga of the Chimera Ants came the shorter but still significant saga of the election of the President of the Hunters, which then gave way to an entirely new project.

In fact, the Dark Continent saga has been outlined, with Beyond Netero at the helm. However, it was a phase that didn't last long and will resume later as now is the pivotal point Successor to Kakin's empire. With the Emperor Nasubi Hui Guo Rou about to give way to one of his princes, an internal war has begun, which appears to be the practice, involving all fourteen princes of Kakin, who are forced into a mortal battle in which only those fight who stay alive win the throne.

Kurapika is fully involved in this war and has practically become the protagonist of Hunter x Hunter, waiting for the return of Gon, who hasn't been seen actively for years. but what will be the fate of Kurapika at the end of this saga? Kuruta's goal is known to be to regain the eyes of his clan and punish those who caused this massacre. Consequently, his goal is to kill the ghost brigade, but also those who bought the eyes, and among them is the violent prince Tserriednich, probably the saga's final adversary.

If on the one hand it will therefore be necessary Kill all Ghost Brigade members, who however also has to deal with Hisoka, on the other side stands the fearsome prince, who seems to be a marvel at dealing with nen. Kurapika makes much use of her power to keep alive the fourteenth Prince Woble, the newborn who is involuntarily involved in this war of succession, and in order to survive she must use all her resources and even reduce her life.

Given the conditions of war, it is so It is possible that Kurapika will die at the end of this saga after facing Tserriednich and possibly even Quoll Lucifer. The exposure to red eye use could greatly affect the length of his life, along with the techniques he uses. That would conclude the story of Kurapika's revenge, who on his deathbed could also see his friend Pairo again to tell him that his trip with Gon and the others was fun and that it was worth it.

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