Eiichiro Oda has created a very interconnected fictional world. The thousand islands that populate this universe have villages with different traditions and architectures, as we have seen several times during the protagonist's journey ONE PIECE. However, it seems that there are practically no special holidays that correspond to those of the real world.

All celebrations of Monkey D. Luffy and his companions are related to the victories won on the battlefield, using various potions and drools with alcohol and meat galore. But now we are in the Christmas season and the ONE PIECE manga is taking a few weeks off. In fact, Weekly Shonen Jump magazine comes out every two weeks until the end of January, and hence the same goes for the manga published there.

For the time being there are no direct indications of that Christmas in ONE PIECE Aside from some additional artwork that bears little relation to the original story, there are some fans who have chosen to redesign the characters to fit the holidays. This also happens with ONE PIECE themed cosplay, which is among the most present in the world. Cosplayer LienSue has been demonstrating her creativity on Twitter and Reddit for the past few days and presented one Yamato cosplay in Christmas version.

The giant mace is always there, 3D crafted from several pieces and then glued together, but then the white sleeveless kimono turns red with a crinkled effect instead, while some festive decorations can be seen on the horns. This Yamato has changed a lot, but she's definitely understood everything about the magic of Christmas. What do you think, do you like it that way or do you prefer a classic Yamato Cosplay Oden version?

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