Masashi Kishimoto has decided to accelerate important internal developments Boruto: Naruto Next Generation. The initial Flash Forward had taken shape with the discoveries about the powers that the Karma Boruto brand guarantees, and this time it seems much more concrete thanks to the events of Chapter 77, now on MangaPlus.

Justified "The moment is coming', the chapter begins with a color tablet dedicated to Kawaki with karma, and then the latter's attempt to speak directly to Momoshiki. The exchange between the two protagonists is interrupted when Kawaki decides to leave, and so does Eida to go shopping in the village.

In the meantime, Tails builds his own army of monster soldiers ripped by the Ten-Tails, which he will soon use to attack Konoha. While the girls are busy shopping and Eida Shikamaru divulges all this vital information, Daemon senses an extraordinary power outside the store: it is Himawari Uzumaki. Another change of scene leads the readers in Home of the Seventh Hokage and Hinataalong with Kawaki.

The boy wants to make one thing clear to the two ninjas, who greeted him like a son. Considering the cruelty and fatalism that characterizes shinobi life, Kawaki says he wants to kill all the Otsutsuki, which endanger his existence and that of the other residents of Konoha. Obviously, this includes killing Boruto as well, and despite Hinata and Naruto's immediate opposition, Kawaki makes them disappear by creating a portal that is now determined to go that route.

Finally we leave you the first image of the cover of volume 19 of the Boruto manga.

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