Toyotaro's desire to put Trunks at the center of a new saga has come true with the current arc of Dragon Ball great. By adopting lighter tones and describing a school context, the mangaka seems to reflect both the protagonist and the origins of Dr. Wanting to deepen Hedo as shown in Chapter 89, now on MangaPlus.

Justified "A rival enters the scene!”, the chapter in question begins with Trunks attempting to decrypt the files contained on the stolen data disk in the final tables of the previous manga date. After combining the usual problems with Bulma's PC, it's her mother who tells him he has to do it Take May to school. Although the girl at Capsule Corp. she is the same age as Trunks and Goten and before she caught the attention of the curious, Bulma decided to enroll her in the same school as her son.

In class, the protagonists meet Baytah, a new student who attracts many girls because of his charm and also proves to be very well prepared physically, managing to beat Trunks on the basketball court. Indeed Baytah is Beta #1, an android that Dr. sent Hedo to the school to find whoever stole the disc. Thanks to Mai's tricks, Trunks learns the truth about his new partner and tries to act like a normal boy.

However, due to a carelessness on the part of Goten, who lifts a car in front of everyone, Baytah reveals himself to be Hedo's masterpiecein a rather extravagant costume. Not knowing what to do to protect Goten without using his true powers, Trunks steps back for a moment to return as Saiyaman X-1. Fast The two young superheroes manage to solve the situationand Mai, oddly in possession of the disk, is very impressed with the masked boy, who is actually Trunks.

The chapter ends with Dr. Hedo, who is determined to take revenge by creating his best android and getting interesting ideas for a new costume. Bottom line, here's a theory about Black Frieza, the new transformation of the former Galactic Emperor.

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