The pages of Boruto have reached the end of Isshiki's narrative arc, but suddenly a new threat has emerged and encumbered a promise from Sasuke to the protagonist.

The terrible event presented in the last chapter of the thesis concerns the possession of Momoshiki from Boruto's body, which is therefore increasingly associated with the Otsutsuki and is immediately forced to aim Sasuke hurting his eye and thereby preventing him from using the space-time techniques of Rinnegan.

With the Hokage stuck on the ground after exploiting the Baryon mode, the only ones who can stop the new enemy are the Uchiha and Kawaki. Especially in this difficult situation a Flashback through which we learndark promise made by Sasuke to Boruto: The ninja would have claimed that if the boy had lost control and had become a danger to his companions, he would not hesitate to use all his strength stop him, even at the expense of his killing.

Then a fight begins in which Sasuke seems to keep his word using many powerful techniques, including thatAmaterasu and the fireball. In a short time he also manages to learn the weakness of the opponent, who can only keep control of the young shinobi when he has no chakra, which prevents the otsutsuki from absorbing that of the opponent.

But it will be Kawaki solve the situation by endangering your own body and forcing the opponent to absorb his chakra.

What do you think of this fight and Sasuke's determination? Let us know in the comments.

Finally, I report on the future of the Kara organization in Boruto.

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