Masashi Kishimoto has returned to run Naruto and its world. After the surprising announcement of the last few days we are finally facing the first chapter of Boruto: Naruto the next generations written entirely by him. What did he think of the young ninja and the others during this difficult fight?

As always it is Chapter 52 of Boruto opens with a color page on which we can look very closely Naruto's new baryon mode. The Hokage released an extraordinary chakra, but as the fox explains, the duration of this form is very limited, even the smallest thought or movement should be avoided. The fight with Isshiki begins and Naruto is immediately revealed to be superior. His movements are simple, but the speed of execution is on another level.

Sasuke takes the opportunity to push Boruto away, who cannot move. Meanwhile, Amado, Kawaki and the others in Konoha are still at the shelter and there The discussion revolves around the arm the Hokage gave the boy. This is connected to Naruto thanks to his chakra and Kawaki feels that he is suddenly weakening.

meanwhile Naruto manages to withstand various attacks from Isshiki OtsutsukiEven those who until recently got Sasuke and his Sharingan into great trouble. But at some point the Hokage has to give up, as the strength disappears together with his chakra. But as the fox says, all you have to do is focus on beating him very easily, as it is now a competition to see who will exhaust his life force first.

But the secret effect of Naruto's baryon mode becomes apparent when Isshiki starts spitting blood. The new shape takes effect and creates it by simply touching it The lifespan has decreased from 20 hours to 30 minutes. In the further course of the fight this takes up to 10 minutes. Isshiki is cornered, but a stroke of luck enables him to locate Kawaki via Naruto's chakra and call him to the area. Sasuke and Naruto are alarmed, but Boruto, who was previously passed out, suddenly a Byakugan wakes up. Boruto will return with Chapter 53 next month.

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