The merger between Goku and Vegeta is historic, but after the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, we know that it is no longer she who gives life Strongest Saiyan in history. Broly is now a canon character and should merge with Goku according to a fan of the Warriors could really give birth to a fighter who can defeat Beerus.

You can take a look at the fan-made animation below Bar carrot, Profile entirely dedicated to the merger between Goku and Broly. The clip shows what the result of the union of the two could be if they should ever come together to face a common threat. Additionally, Dragon Ball Super 2 should be in production, and the Saiyan is unlikely to go out of circulation after the movie's events re-enacted.

Fans have long believed that Goku and Vegeta were the strongest Saiyans still alive, but the film clearly proved this in reality Broly's potential is far greater than either warrior'swho had to give life to Gogeta in order to defeat him. While waiting for Vegeta to fill the gap with the two, the stronger pair is definitely out of the question.

Naturally The union between Goku and Broly could also pose some problems. For example, it is not said that this can fall back on the shape of the Super Saiyan blue, as the legendary Super Saiyan still has great difficulty controlling his power. In all cases, however, Broly's raw strength and Goku's control could really bring life to an unbeatable warrior.

What do you think about it? Could the merger of the two defeat Beerus? Let us know with a comment!

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