The Covid-19 pandemic and the recent war in Ukraine have destabilized the international financial market, with the resulting rise in prices. As in the real world, the Leaf Village is from Boruto: Naruto the next generations it is in a delicate economic situation.

In the final chapters of Boruto Konoha he goes through an unrelenting crisis, but this time we're not just referring to the Kara Organization's attack. Shikamaru Nara, revealed a unexpected obstacle with which the Leaf's shinobi fight.

Konoha's science lab where Shikamaru and Amado were located was attacked by Kara. The appearance of Code trying to remove the restrainers present in his body and Eida wanting to hit Kawaki instead bent the Leaf duo. Boruto 70's new eyepiece art is insane.

Imprisoned by their enemies, Shikamaru and Amado are rescued by Naruto, who is blocked by one of the lab's technological locks. Before the Hokage decides to treat himself, his assistant warns him against it do not dare to crack the very expensive locking system. Shikamaru's main thought concerns the village budget.

After what Nara revealed, the Konoha's budget is shrinking year by year. For example, as the Village of Mist grows prosperous, it looks like the Leaf is facing an economic crisis. And you, in the course of Masashi Kishimoto's work, did you ever expect such troubles?

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