It can't be said that this season doesn't already have a clear winner: the competition has been beaten in the wheel of seasonal anime, which began in April and will mostly end in late June Spy x familythe anime based on the manga of the same name by Tatsuya Endo has been successfully released on Shonen Jump+ for two years.

Not only in Japan is the manga still up to date: It was recently nominated along with other manga and thus for the Eisner Award Spy x Family confirms its international success. Now that the anime has come out as well, its success has expanded dramatically, touching an audience that previously would never have been interested in the tender and sympathetic story of Anya, who becomes embroiled in an international conspiracy leading to a possible war or could avert him. .

In the make-believe family created to save the two lands of Westalia and Ostania, Anya is the daughter, Loid is the father, and then, of course, the mother as well. Secretly, Yor is a killer, a hired killer who manages to be beautiful even on a mission. Yor is endowed with superhuman strength and has a strong maternal instinct, which is why she manages to be invincible.

Xenon, a Russian cosplayer who took on the role of many characters, created one Her Cosplay from Spy x Family really well done.

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