The battle in Onigashima continued over several chapters. In the last few issues, ONE PIECE has focused on the struggle of the worst generations, the undisputed protagonists of the events together with the emperors Kaido and Big Mom. But among them are thousands of people working hard to lead their faction to victory.

At the end of ONE PIECE 1004, we witnessed the heroic deeds of a mysterious figure who was shrouded in darkness and who even Bao Huang could not distinguish well. This person treats the wounds of the nine red sheaths that have been legally brought to safety in the attic and that are still threatened by the arrival of Black Maria.

Since then, we have to wait to know who this person is ONE PIECE 1005 won't arrive for two weeks. Eiichiro Oda’s break forced the magazine to postpone the next issue to February 28, 2021. However, we can make some speculation about who this character is and what it is about What else will happen in ONE PIECE 1005.

As with the hybrid form of Kaido, it is not certain that Oda will immediately reveal who this character is. However, the main suspects are two: Hiyori and Toki. While the former would be an almost obvious choice, the latter could lead to unforeseen scenarios. Toki had actually been hit by some arrows, and she was considered dead by many, even if Oda never clearly showed the scene in which his departure takes place.

But there's the rest of the battlefield to watch out for, and Nico Robin, the long-awaited prey, might come out to save Sanji. fight a fight with Black Maria and release the cook to face one of the big boys like Queen. ONE PIECE 1005 is therefore still full of scenes and situations to read.

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