The attack of the giants has quickly become one of the most viewed and criticized titles in recent years, and as the story of Eren Jaeger and the Research Corps nears completion in April in an interview with the editor about author Hajime Isayama, the series emerged.

Japanese website Mantan Web, which partly traces the editorial history of the giants' attack, published an article that gave special attention to key dates and events, including the day they took place Isayama, then 19 years old, He personally brought his manuscript to Kodansha Publishing House Original that has been read and revised by Shintaro Kawakubo.

Kawabuko himself later became the work's chief editor throughout the serialization. On this occasion, Kawabuko had already understood the talent of the young Isayama and during the interview he admitted: "Although the level of design was not exceptional, I had the feeling that he had stuck himself in every picture presented."In the second part of the meeting, Kawabuko praised the commitment shown over the eleven years of production, saying: "I've never heard him say 'I'm having a hard time' or 'I have no idea how to continue the story' so I felt a little useless.", shortly afterwards continue with "I think he has enough confidence in himself and does not seek advice from anyone. "

Recall that the attack of the giants seems perfect for studying the history of the world and we leave you to the predictions and theories of chapter 138.

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