After the incredible success of the film Demon Slayer: Infinity TrainFans of Gotoge's work, which has officially become the most-watched Japanese film of all time, awaited news of the return of Tanjiro and his companions in a second season of the anime, which Ufotable announced today with an official trailer.

The video in question, e the spectacular key visual with Tengen, the Pillar of Thunder literally shocked the entire community who didn't hesitate to show incredible excitement on social media quickly become the trend of the series hashtag in the United States and Europe, immediately following the official announcement during the special event organized in Japan, which was broadcast live.

As you can see from the various posts at the bottom of the page, a lot of fans actually shared on Twitter especially intoxicating and electrifying reactionsThey also report on the short sequences shown in the trailer, underscoring their immense passion for the story that the mangaka Koyoharu Gotoge expertly tells. From what was communicated The second season will be released in the course of 2021While an exact time of year has not been set and Tengen is present, it will surely deal with the Red Light District narrative arc.

Recall that the epic clash between Rengoku and Akaza took shape in a statue and Demon Slayer made it into the top 10 best-selling manga of all time.

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