Food Wars 5 is slowly distancing itself from the manga without giving up anything important revelations from Yuto Tsukuda. Especially in the last episode, the mother of the protagonist and the fans were shown for the second time They finally understood what had happened to the Yukihira family in the past.

As Soma explained earlier, his mother was far from a high-profile cook, but his creations still managed to entertain customers and create a sunny and harmonious environment. As shown in episode 10, after seeing his mother's creativity, Soma was passionate about cooking, and got his historical scar at the level of his left eyebrow - has been the subject of speculation for several years - hit an edge.

At the beginning of the article, you can check out the clip of the episode posted by Crunchyroll's official YouTube channel, where this is also revealed Soma's mother died when he was a childand sent the rest of the family into crisis. Soma tells Megumi the story just before the BLUE semifinals, in which she will face Asahi Saiba.

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