As announced for some time, with theEpisode 273 of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations Studio Pierrot finished the original Kawaki and Himawari saga at Ninja Academy. Will the students survive the Isle of Terror and save their teacher?

The team play of the Academy students in Boruto 272 enabled a Kawaki and Himawari approach the teacher Hana, who is holding Kae hostage. In fact, her hidden and evil personality works as an assassin for a shady minister who intends to overthrow the current government of Bamboo Country.

After an intense fight in which both Himawari with his Byakugan that Kae demonstrate their skills, Kawaki manages to take out the teacher. Meanwhile, two other people end up on the island where the students are, Sai and Kae's butler.

Defeated, Hana is approached by her students, who remind her of all the good times they had together. there The teacher eventually returns in possession of his bodythe evil personality that lurked within her banished forever.

Back in Konoha, the students learn that Kae must return to his country. Before the farewell, the performance pending in Boruto 267 takes place at the Academy. Kawaki greets Kae in his own wayleaving the Leaf Village. With the next episode, a new original adventure begins!

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