After miraculously surviving Yor's cooking in Spy x Family 1x16, Anya returns to school. Will the little forger succeed? operation friendship and to make his father Loid happy?

Back at Eden Academy, Anya tries to befriend Damian Desmond again in Spy x Family 1x17 second son of Donovan Desmond that Twilight is trying to reach. But every attempt by the child fails miserably.

The children of Eden are given a specific task in the classroom. The students are divided into small groups of two to do the task depict an animal with paper. While Becky recreates Loid, who she is madly in love with, Anya crumples a piece of paper thinking it's the same as her dog Bond. Damian instead takes the task seriously and decides to create a paper statuette depicting a griffin.

Convinced that this is the way to become her friend, Anya decides to do it contribute to the creation of Damian. However, Anya is a mess in everything she does. The monster of this duo unexpectedly wins the first prize and the children get a good grade. Damian is happy, however, when he calls home to share the result achieved it is not in the least calculated by his father Donovan.

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