The saga of the land of Wano gets to the point in the adaptation ONE PIECE anime. Despite the absence of Luffy, who was defeated by Kaido and drowned at sea, the Onigashima rioters continue their fight. Who will win in the end?

That Momonosuke's courage revived Wano's Rebel Alliance in ONE PIECE 1037. However, that wasn't enough as Kaido was able to drive Oden's son out of his castle. Momonosuke was saved from dry land by Shinobu, but the samurai are left without a leader.

ONE PIECE 1038 begins with Nami who, using the powers of Zeus now contained within his Clima Tact, manages to defeat Ulti, previously weakened by Big Mom. Taking advantage of one of Bao Huang's dolls, defeated by Usopp's punches, the little one Otama announces to everyone in Onigashima that he will join the battle and that everyone must revolt against Kaido's domain. The Gifters are now on the side of the rioters.

At the same time, i The Hearts pirates managed to find Luffy's body, which sank into the ocean. Having already ingested a great deal of water, the Mugiwara Captain's rubber body is swollen with liquids. However, Law's crew manages to get him to expel much of the water he has ingested. Will Luffy wake up in time and be able to return to Onigashima?

Finally, the episode ends with Yamato challenges his father on the roof of the castle. In ONE PIECE 1039, the challenge begins between Yonko Kaido and his son, who are willing to sever the blood ties for the sake of Onigashima.

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