The epilogue of the saga of the Great Battle of the Land of Water, in which the brutal clash between the pirates Funato and the Village of Mist took place, follows a series of original episodes that spotlight various supporting characters. Boruto 257 Konohamaru fulfills Sarutobi's dream of becoming Hokage.

In the Hokage's office, Naruto receives a special invitation. The seventh should attend the new film from the Kagemasa series, of which his son is very passionate, plays the role of himself. However, the Uzumaki just promised his daughter Himawari that they would go on vacation together. In Boruto 258, the Uzumaki go on vacation. informed, Konohamaru offers himself as a replacement for Naruto.

Arriving on the set of the film, Konohamaru believes he will achieve his dream: playing his teacher, Naruto finally become Hokage. In Boruto 257, Konohamaru becomes Hokage, but finds himself more in a nightmare. The film's producer made a massive use of computer graphics, and all the scenes shot turn out to be funnier than anything else.

However, Konohamaru reignites the passion of the director, who after a long time decides to adopt the old ways. However, the new scenes, which were filmed live, infuriate the producer, who fires the entire set. However, later, a Accident puts director's life in dangerwho is captured by a bomber. Camera in hand, the staff films the rescue of Konohamaru in combination with Kagemasa. This scene, which immediately goes viral in Konoha, convinces the producer to combine CG with live-action scenes.

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