The manga from Dragon Ball great progresses, with Toyotaro and Toriyama far surpassing the Tournament of Power and battle with Broly that were the final animated events. This means that the saga has continued over the years and many have wondered when Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be discontinued.

The film helped expand the franchise's new universe, which began in 2015 with the Super Project, which no longer features Goku and Vegeta, but instead features Gohan and Piccolo grappling with an earthly crisis that has led them to abandon their to overcome borders. The film is doing well in Japan, and so V-Jump talked to that Director Akio Iyoku some details of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The director wanted to focus on two aspects in particular.

“Between this movie and Toyotaro-sensei's manga, there are quite a few two continuous action lines of Dragon Ball Super. First of all, the film was written as a pure sequel to Dragon Ball Super: Broly. They wanted to live up to the expectations of everyone who has followed Dragon Ball so far, after "It would be great if that happened" or "I hope this character comes out". On the pages of V-Jump we have the continuation of the story of Goku and Vegeta. We will see new powerful enemies appearing, new stories and events that will continue to progress. Obviously, Toriyama also diligently monitors the manga's storylines, the two events are therefore running in parallel. In terms of position on the timeline, we try not to set things up too rigidly. We want to leave room for maneuver in history in order to enable excellent degrees of freedom”.

So the movie is of course canon, but it still doesn't fit perfectly into the franchise when compared to the currently ongoing story in the manga.

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