Kohei Horikoshi's manga, published since 2014, just keeps getting better. My Hero Academia sales continue to be stable and show excellent numbers, a sign of deep appreciation. However the story is now nearing its end. This means there will be few volumes left for the heroes.

The final arc of My Hero Academia has started a while ago and clashes between heroes and villains are erupting across Japan. On the one hand everyone drives Make an effortthe hero number one, on the other the super villain All for one. The two leaders of the factions have been facing each other for a few chapters, but their challenge is not over yet.

For that i first spoilers of My Hero Academia 357 which consists of a few pictures only shows the two. Endeavor certainly didn't stop at the powerful blow of the last chapter and decides to attack again, at a black table dedicated only to him. Later, the grown-up Shoto Todoroki is seen following his group of A-A friends, who all become heroes as well as adults.

In the last available page of My Hero Academia 357, we see Endeavor in flight crushing All for One and crushing it into the ground, but the villain appears to be raising his right arm to do something. How will the chapter continue?

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