At first glance, it looks like a cross between Harry Potter and One-Punch Man: these two fat titles have been merged into one by Hajime Komoto, who created them masha story of magic in which the protagonist is the only one who doesn't have it, but on the other hand is endowed with a strong physique with which he can do anything.

The heavily inspired imagery of Harry Potter and the western world has wowed Japanese readers who have supported Mashle in Weekly Shonen Jump for the past two years. It is precisely this popularity that has caused the title to surge in popularity in a ripple effect, and for that, a major announcement is imminent.

The first leaks reveal that there will be one big announcement for Mashle on Weekly Shonen Jump, with the magazine confirming that the title cover and opening pages will be in color. An event that can only mean one thing for the title of this Shueisha in-house magazine. And indeed, the leaker Spanku steps in to confirm it in advance: Mashle is getting an anime produced by Aniplex.

There are no further details yet and of course we strongly recommend waiting for the official one, but the magical house title Shonen Jump seems to be getting closer and closer to TV. Don't miss our insight into Mashle.

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