After escaping from the clutches of the Kara organization, Kawaki has found a new, real home. Received with open arms by members of the Uzumaki family, Kawaki is now very close to loved ones after an initial period of distrust. However, the ghosts of the past do not leave him alone. Here is his dilemma in Boruto 209

Suspended for a week because of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the animated adaptation is finally back. However, Boruto episode 209 is a Anime original, that is, events specially created for the animated series that do not exist between the pages of the manga.

As the episode progresses, Kawaki decides away from Boruto and no longer following him during training. The jar, much sought after by Jigen, sensed that the resonance between the karma seals imprinted on their palms causes their bodies to slowly “develop”.

Sad and alone, Kawaki joins them Little Himawari’s Adventuretaking care of Mordicchio, a wounded white wolf. In the course of their adventures, the two form a strong bond: Kawaki finally realizes that he has found a family he can blindly trust, while the sweet princess is happy about his arrival at the house.

When they find lifeless nibble, Himawari burst into tears, but Kawaki comforts her by saying that she followed her fate to protect the pack. After walking away for a moment to protect his loved ones themselves, Kawaki returns to the white wolf’s tomb. The boy finds his little sister on site, takes her with him and brings her home.

With this story, Himawari convinced Kawaki to let go of his feelings and clings to the Uzumaki family. Here is the age of the heroes of Konoha in Boruto.

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