Once upon a time there was a group of carefree motorcyclists, a group of six friends who drove their engines all day. Once upon a time there was a Tokyo Manji Gang that now, a few years later, no longer exists. And the sixteenth of Tokyo Avenger explains why.

The weekly appointment with the animated adaptation takes us back in time and leads us to the discovery of Origins of Toman and the tragic event that changed the lives of Mikey, Baji and Kazutora forever.

While Draken and the other four Tokyo Manji Gang commanders rode big engines, Mikey was content with a moped that was difficult to keep up with those of his teammates. The Toman leader didn't want to get rid of this junk and intended to replace it for just one unreachable Honda 250T.

Mikey runs out of fuel on the way to a vacation destination. After losing to the Chinese Morra, it is Baji who is responsible for refueling. Roller in hand, the commander of the 1st division involved in one Maxi fight with a gang wander through this district.

Baji goes out of his way to save his leader's vehicle and is eventually rescued by Mikey, who, before beating up the rival gang, destroys his beloved engineAnd. Although Manjiro saved his friend, he is now bareback.

With the Toman leader's birthday approaching, Kazutora wants to realize his secret dream: to find a Honda 250T. However, the hooligan doesn't have the money to buy it and decides to find it at a nearby dealer steal it with Baji.

When the two infiltrate the dealership at night the situation has suddenly deteriorated. Baji is discovered by the owner, who looks him in the face, and to protect his friend, Kazutora beats the mysterious man with great force. When Baji realizes the man's identity, it is too late.

The other trader's owner wasn't one Shinichiro Sanor. So it was Kazutora who killed Mikey's older brother. Shocked by what happened and desperate, Baji calls an ambulance. However, Kazutora reacts unpredictably: she blames Manjiro for what happened and accuses him of ruining his life and swearing revenge.

We'll leave you with the missing part of Toman, reminding you that the Tokyo Revengers showed up at the Olympics.

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