In the twenty-ninth issue of this year's magazine It was announced that the manga was written by Naoki Yamakawa and illustrated by Masashi Asaki, My home herowird eine Anime -Adaption haben. The press release did not reveal any production details or a planned release date. In this edition, the serialization of the manga resumed with its third and final installment, beginning seven years after the events of the second.

My home hero

Yamakawa and Asaki began publishing the manga in the magazine from the publisher Kodanshaand the editors published the tenth seventh anthology in February 2021. Yamakawa is also a writer, in collaboration with the artist Akinari Naofrom the manga 100 men no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru (I stand on a million lives), which has already inspired a two-season anime adaptation.

Tetsuo Tosu, a normal earner, discovers that his daughter Reika was physically abused by her friend Matori Nobuto. While searching for more about him, Tetsuo discovers Matori's plan to extort money from Reika's wealthy grandparents and learns that he is a member of a crime syndicate and has a history of murdering his former girlfriends.

Full of anger and fear at thinking that Reika is in danger, Tetsuo finally kills Nobuto and with the help of his wife Kasen, he successfully breaks free from the body. When Syndicate members begin to question Nobuto's sudden disappearance, Tetsuo and Kasen must work together to ensure their daughter's safety and prevent her from being drawn into their predicament.

Font: Weird Natalie

Β© 山川直輝 (εŽŸθ‘—), ζœεŸΊγΎγ•γ— (θ‘—) / KODANSHA 講談瀾

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