In the last few weeks the Covid-19 is back to scare, also due to low temperatures and seasonal ailments. The Japanese animation industry is particularly affected by this situation. In fact, the wave of the pandemic has caused new delays.

The most conspicuous stop has surpassed the worst. The anime NieR Automata is about to make a comeback, but other franchises have yet to grapple with it COVID-19. In particular, they haven't been for long announced two major stops. Season 2 of Bofuri and Spy Classroom has to say goodbye to viewers for a moment.

Bofuri's endless defense wasn't enough to stop the Covid-19. Due to the spread of the pandemic, episode 7 of the Bofuri: I don't want to get hurt, so I'll max out my defense in Season 2 delayed from the original schedule. The anime series will return in two weeks, more precisely theMarch 8, 2023. Here is the Bofuri season 2 poster.

Like Bofuri 2, the production of Spy Classroom suffered a severe blow. The health emergency caused by Covid-19 has also led to a postponement in this case. The eighth episode of the anime was supposed to air on February 23, but the unexpected forced the staff to postpone the broadcast to 2nd March. We say goodbye to the Spy Classroom trailer.

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