When it comes to Boruto: Naruto the next generations The community often reacts differently, but the latest developments in the narrative arc dedicated to the introduction of the Kara organization seem to have found consensus among viewers. However, a scene emerged that was recently deleted because it was considered too violent.

Although this saga was specially made for animated implementation, the introduction of powerful and dangerous people like the members of the Kara has undoubtedly taken place for the first time led to intense fighting, different from those seen so far. To understand the level of threat they pose, just think of the battle between Team 7 and Deepa, a new character in the manga.

Although Boruto and his companions worked hard, they lost to the Shinobi and saved the Hokage and Sarada son Mitsuki had to risk her own life too, Activation of the spectacular Hermitian mode. The episode released last week then featured the Konoha ninja, specifically Mugino, against Victo.r.

Episode 173 was, however deprived of a scene considered too bloody to be shown in the time slot the anime is normally aired. As you can see in the pictures shown in the post below, TV Tokyo has still released the framework in which Victor's severed arm can be seen in the foreground.

Keep in mind that betrayal could prove critical to Konoha's future and that Masashi Kishimoto will be Boruto's official mangaka from chapter 52 onwards.

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