The mark Pokémon It's been around for many years, but fans continue to follow the anime, which is now over 1000 episodes, and that goes for the films that are now over 20 too. 25 December. A little while longer.

Fans of Pokémon I can't wait to dive into this new adventure that seems to be inspired by Tarzan. The new movie is called Pokémon Coco and will be released in Japan on December 25thand within weeks of its release, many trailers have been released and fans are finding similarities to the Disney movie Tarzan.

On twitter Fans have found incredible similarities between the two filmsand the comparisons are downright funny and curious. In one, Coco and Ash are confronted with Tarzan and Jane and laughter is guaranteed!

After all Pokémon Coco has several points in common with the Disney classic. Both films show a person abandoned as a child and raised in the wild. Both protagonists are raised by monkeys (Pokémon and others) and are shocked when faced with humans as adults. Since the premises are the same, fans think so There will likely be some parts very similar to Tarzan in Pokémon Coco.

At the moment we have seen the legendary Pokémon Zarude in the new Key Art and the protagonists of Pokémon Coco in action in the new trailer.

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