From 1999 until today we had the opportunity to grow together with the anime of ONE PIECE, which has currently reached 950 episodes. But today is the anniversary of the broadcast of a particularly touching episode; Let's see which ones.

It was November 16, 2008 when the first aired in JapanEpisode number 377, taken from chapter 485 of the manga (vol. 50), more than aptly titled in Italian "Heroic gesture".

Part of the saga of Thriller BarkThe episode in which our favorites competed against the fearsome Gekko Moria of the Fleet of Seven is right in the last part of the narrative arc where the greatest threat is no longer portrayed by Moria (now defeated). but from another member of the fleet: Bartholomew Bear.

This character's story is deepened later in the anime, but in that particular moment Bear reveals himself to be a truly unmatched opponent for the conditions the Straw Hat crew pours in. The only ones that are still standing are actually Zoro, Sanji and Brook (not yet an official member here), but he will be the first to protect his comrades by sacrificing himself for them.

In search of Luffy's head, Bear will actually propose a compromise to the swordsman: if he can take the pain of his captain, he will let her go and give up the idea of ​​delivering her to the Navy.

We all know by now how it ended and what immense pain Zoro had to endure on this occasion. If you want to check out the scene, you can find it on the news here, below.

Since then, time has passed and all members of the Straw hat crew You have come a long way ... see what Zoro is up to in Wano these days.

And you what do you think Did you like this episode? And the thriller Bark Saga? Let us know in the comments.

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