Bleach: This is how Tier Harribel became Queen of Hueco Mundo

The clash between Shinigami and Aizen is and will remain one of the most beautiful storylines of Bleach. After the battle in which the arrancars were led by former captain Shinigami against Ichigo and companions, Tier Harribel managed to become the new queen of Hueco Mundo, but how did she do it? Here are the details.

Harribels can hardly be defined as an ascension to the throne. After all, the character has never been described as a power-hungry Arrancar. Espada number three was at the head of Hueco Mundo more by chance than by will.

During the battle that was taking place on earth that saw the Shinigami versus the arrancars of Aizen, we saw fall numerous enemies But the heroes also suffered great damage. In the ranks of the arrancars, however Barrigan was the loserwho ruled the Hueco Mundo so far, and Espada number two.

Despite Aizen's betrayalBeast Harribel survived the battle and when she returned to Hecuo Mundo, she found herself the strongest Espada. This rightly made her the new queen. A role that is well suited for a character who has been shown to have as much strength as wisdom. Harribel ruled until the moment he lost his life to the Quincys.

The charm of a character like Tier Harribel has always struck the hearts of fans, making it one of the most popular Bleach cosplays. Before we say goodbye, let's remind you of our in-depth analysis of the seven most anticipated moments in the Bleach anime.

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