The battle is over, but the war has only just begun. Willy Tybur set the world free against Eren and the other protagonists of The Attack of the Giants. Last season has now entered the second half and after intense and meaningful moments, it's focused on slowing down the pace.

We returned to Eldia and between past and future we have seen the origin of the plan that led Eren and the others to attack Liberius. Between machinations, secret alliances and infiltrations into enemy ranks, the protagonists of The Attack of the Giants have adapted to the new world created when the boys of the walls reached the sea. But now a difficult phase begins.

While the upper levels of the army find their way around, Gabi and Falco are in jail, as is Eren Jaeger, who was jailed for disobeying orders. Attack of the Giants 4x11 is available with Italian subtitles on VVVVID from 11:00 a.m. while it arrives on Amazon Prime Video today, February 23, 2021. The eleventh episode, entitled "Impostors", shows us once again different fronts of this war that has just started between Eldia and the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, the animators at Studio MAPPA have given fans a comic sketch of Gabi to celebrate the release of the episode of The attack of the giants 4.

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