The fourth season ofAttack of the giants has caught viewers' attention thanks to an unexpected launch that introduces new characters, the young Eldian soldiers who train to defend the nation of Marley, and possible heirs to the Powers of the Nine, including the brave and skillful Gabi .

In the past episodes, Gabi directly attacked the airship after his friend Falco, with which the Research Corps was able to escape the bloody battle that took place right in Marley, managed to kill Sasha Blouse with a single bullet. Episode 11 of the series showed a very specific side of the Eldian and focused on a discussion that surprised many fans as you can see from the various posts at the bottom of the news.

Gabi was actually in the care of Kaya's family, a girl who was previously rescued by Sasha herself. In one scene Kaya pauses to reflect on the reasons that caused her mother's death and here we see a brusque intervention from Gabi herself blaming these people Hundreds of Marley's innocents died. These words are followed by an overreaction that underscores how Gabi has been brainwashed into the precarious state of mind she is in right now.

Recall that an inexpensive cosplay brought us back to a moment with Sasha and we leave you to the hilarious sketch of Gabi released by the MAPPA studio.

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