The 21st edition of the Tenkaichi Tournament, the second major saga in the series dragon ball, ended with a finale full of twists and turns. After accepting defeat in the finals, Goku decides to go in search of his grandfather's Four Star Dragon Ball and thus start full throttle Red Band Saga.

After a brief interlude in which Goku manages to save the village of Nam from the drought caused by the dam built by the people of Giran, the protagonist approaches the discovery of the orb that is in the possession of the Sorcerer of the Bull is located. Even the Colonel Silver of the Red Band, an organization interested in recovering the orbs, learns of the artifact's location and attacks the Wizards' Village, which is then rescued by Chi-Chi and Goku.

A frantic search by Goku and Silver leads them to face each other. The protagonist defeats the commander and gains two spheres. Arrived in the mountains and rescued by a family, Goku decides to thank her for liberating the village from the Red Band's rule and rescuing the mayor imprisoned there muscle tower. Here, Goku faces several enemies: the robot Sergeant Metallic, the ninja Murasaki and his Android 8, which, guided by his good nature, allies himself with the protagonist Sproing and finally General White.

The general is defeated by Android 8, who also destroys the tower, ending the Red Ribbon threat. Goku returns to Bulma to get her to fix the dragon radar, and the girl decides to follow him in search of the spheres. This time they must go to the bottom of the ocean, and the Red Ribbon Blue General will follow them. Upon entering the pirate hideout hidden in the underwater tunnels, the protagonists will find themselves directly in front of Blu, from which they can escape.

After following them to the Kame house, Blu ties them up and steals the three bullets, then quickly flees on a plane. Luckily, Lunch frees the protagonists and Goku chases Blu, who crashed in the process penguin village. Here the boy retrieves the balls thanks to Arale. The quest continues in the Holy Land of Karin, where Goku defeats Colonel Yellow and encounters Bora and Upa, the guardians of Karin's tower.

Meanwhile, Blue returns to Red Ribbon's base and is killed by Red Ribbon Taobaibai, a skilled assassin, he is hired by Commander Red to kill Goku. After reaching the protagonist, Taobaibai murders Bora. After a quick fight with Goku, the killer is sure he's knocked out the boy and takes off with the bullets. In reality, Goku is still alive and decides to reach Karin by climbing the huge tower.

Taobaibai returns for the other sphere and finds Goku much stronger thanks to Karin's training. The assassin is defeated and the protagonist is now determined to face the Red Band head on and recover the spheres in order to bring Bora back to life. Goku is escorted to the Red Ribbon headquarters and manages to defeat everyone. He then encounters the secretary Black, who is put in charge after killing Red. Undeterred by the alliance request, Goku sends one of the recordings of the Black-led robot back to the sender and orders the final defeat of the Red Band.

Now only one ball is missing, but it does not appear on the radar. Because of this, on the advice of Roshi, Goku and his companions go to see Baba, a seer who might help them find out where he is. However, in order to have this information, they must Face off against five fighters chosen by Baba himself. After taking on Draculaman, Suke, Mirra, and Akkuman, Goku faces off against a man highly skilled in martial arts in the final battle. It's about Son Gohan, his grandfather, with whom he exchanges a hug before being forced to return to the afterlife.

there Saga of the Red Band, narrated from chapter 54 to chapter 112ends with the restoration of the last Sphere possessed by Pilaf and Bora being brought back to life.

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