Gintama recently released a new promo of the latest movie, Gintama: The finaleand contains several interesting spoilers. Gintama's latest film had its official premiere in Japanese cinemas.

The cast has started to reveal details and fans can finally immerse themselves in this universe again thanks to the trailer, which currently has the most spoilers on it.

Warner Bros. Japan shared some clips from Gintama: The Final showing the Yorozuya group recovering from a fight and getting back to everyday life. The film will adapt material from Hideaki Sorachi's original manga and bring together exclusive material from the film.

Unfortunately, an Italian release of Gintama: The Final has not yet been confirmed. The closer we get to the release in Japanese cinemas, the more details will be recognized and made available to the public, for example that Sorachi will make a cameo within the film.

Gintama: The final was a big event in Japan, but fans outside of Japan are still waiting to see the movie with their own eyes. This clip gives us at least a glimpse of the animation style and also the end of the long-running Sorachi series. Years later, Gintoki's age was revealed to us too!

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