Asta is a real freak in the world of Black clover. The protagonist was born without mana, a factor that prevents him from using magical powers. Even so, he spent his whole life aiming to become a magical emperor. But why is there no magic in his body?

The reason why a piece of mana does not flow through Asta's body is due to his mother, Richita. The woman possessed the uncontrollable ability of Absorb mana others and even the life force. Because of this, and because of her total lack of control over this ability, Richita likely absorbed all of Asta's magical power from the start. She later left him in the church in the small village of Hage, fearing that she would suck up her own life too.

Some time later, Richita's life was turned upside down by two events: the elf's spellbook to find light and to meet love. Richita became the adoptive mother of the little devil sacrificed for his own good Fend off the attack on Lucifer, but not before he has sealed love in the five-petalled book of spells.

This magic book then passed into the hands of Asta after its 15th anniversary, who, although he was not yet able to cast a spell, has acquired perhaps even greater power, a Anti-magic sword which can only be exercised by beings without mana.

If Richita wasn't able to absorb mana, Asta would have magical energy Like all other living beings in the world of Black Clover, he would not have been forced to live in poverty and would never have come into contact with the five-leaf spellbook or love. The story created by Yuki Tabata would have had a completely different impact.

Meanwhile, Black Clover 291 has arrived on MangaPlus. An adorable Noelle Silva in this Black Clover cosplay.

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