We saw the first trailer of Baki Son of Ogre, in the last few hours the studio TMS Entertainment also shared the opening of the third season of the work inspired by the famous manga Keisuke Itagaki.

At the bottom of the news you can find the video uploaded on the animation studio's official channel where the song is present "Baki Hanma"compiled by Japanese group Granrodeo. The film was particularly appreciated by the many fans of the animated series, who were able to get a small foretaste of the upcoming challenges that the protagonist will master. This season of anime, Baki will finally clash with his father, a character named Ogre, an event many are looking forward to. Previous seasons of studio anime TMS entertainment are present on Netflix, a first release date of the new part of Baki has been announced in the last few weeks, while the series is still being released in Japan.

For those unfamiliar with Keisuke Itagaki's manga, first published in 1991, this is the story of Baki, a young boy who begins to train in hand-to-hand combat and challenge various martial arts masters with the aim of getting stronger for himself defeat his father.

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