The latest news on the new season of bleaching, announced a good year ago and will continue the adventures of Ichigo in the last saga of the Millennial War on the small screen without adaptation. But when will there be news about the next episodes?

In the past few days, news of the opening of the new Bleach domain has rebounded, a phenomenon that tends to anticipate the arrival of important news about a production. When implementing the manga by Tite Kubo, but updates have been missing for several months, which is why the attention of the entire community is focused on the "Bleach Exhibition“The event takes place between December and January.

News about the new season of the anime is actually expected during the event, such as a promotional trailer and a possible release date. In this regard, there have been leaks between Tite Kubo's social channels and the event new official advertising posters to sponsor the event all fans of the saga are waiting to be discovered. Anyway, you can check out these unreleased key visuals at the bottom of the news.

And for you, what do you expect from the Bleach Exhibition, which will take place from December 18th to January 16th? Please let us know as usual with a comment below.

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