The Wano saga gave Luffy a massive power-up, followed by another power-up for the captain. But the protagonist of ONE PIECE wasn't the only one in his crew who received an enormous boost: Zoro revealed his true nature, which raised his level even further. And instead, Sanji?

The Pirate King's other wing appeared to be limited to the Germa 66 Raid Suit, a power he did not want to use as he did not want to take advantage of the technology of the hated Vinsmoke family. But ONE PIECE 1028 has completely changed Sanji's strength also to equip it with an important power-up. Consequently, how strong is Sanji now in ONE PIECE?

We analyzed Sanji's new strength a few months ago, but now it needs to be updated to reflect the latest events. Sanji was at least on the level of Jinbe at the beginning, but his role in the Monster Trio was strained however from the former Shichibukai and Yamato, perhaps the next member of the ONE PIECE crew. However, the fight with Queen in Onigashima proved unpredictable as Sanji's body changed.

Who has too much use of the raid suit forced Sanji's body to adjust and therefore to be changed like that of the Vinsmoke brothers. In addition to understanding the true nature of the flames emanating from his legs, the cook's body is now able to heal multiple fractures in a single instant, but has also gained immense resistance. In fact, he couldn't even take any damage from Queen's last sword attack, which started in a dinosaur version and was therefore extremely upgraded.

The ability to withstand such a billion dollar bounty pirate attack is testament to one immense power-up for Sanji, which strengthens its position among the three strongest crew members. Given the situation, a strength that equals or comes close to that of an admiral cannot be ruled out.

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