In 2001 he was born bleaching, Tite Kubo's second attempt at serialization after the unsuccessful Zombie Powder. This shinigami story in an all-Japanese setting slowly captured Weekly Shonen Jump audiences. Few would have expected the worldwide success that the series enjoyed in the years that followed.

Even though Tite Kubo turns 35, his story continues to be the center of attention thanks to the upcoming anime Bleach: Thousand Year War, which will once again put the spotlight on Ichigo Kurosaki and the other Shinigami. This return was also marked by events and a cascade of information of various kinds.

Thanks to that, we learn this Bleach has printed 130 million copies worldwide. Its circulation has grown rapidly, with sales in every country from the USA to South America to European countries, not forgetting Japan, of course, with the home market remaining the most profitable. The 74 volumes of the manga therefore have an average circulation of approximately 1,750,000 copies. Numbers that few manga can boast of.

With anime on the way, these numbers could increase and even inspire a new Kanzenban or Perfect Edition version of the series.

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