there War between heroes and villains it juggles on several fronts. The plan prepared by All Might and the other protagonists of My Hero Academia to separate the criminals has worked almost perfectly, and now every battlefield has its say. One of them seems to have already brought an important result with the strange defeat of Dabi.

Another battleground, that of All for One against Endeavor and other heroes, has been further developed with a cliffhanger yet to be developed. However, in the final chapter of My Hero Academia, Kohei Horikoshi suddenly wanted to change the scenario, with a focus on Tomura Shigaraki. The destructive villain faces the heroes in the flying prison without too much worry despite the blocked quirks. However, Bakugo is determined to make his way, so he took advantage of his new move.

My Hero Academia 359 could start with this devastating effect. Bakugo has certainly improved since its inception and could inflict serious damage on the enemy. However, it’s not sure if the whole chapter will focus on her, as there’s also a cliffhanger with Izuku Midoriya to solve, and a mid-chapter transition between the two scenes might be the right time to give the space Protagonist.

Unfortunately, the manga then takes a week off My Hero Academia 359 releases Sunday, July 18 at 5:00 p.m on MangaPlus.

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