The narrative arc of the ship continues in Boruto. After some clashes with the Kara organization, the mysterious Kawaki has finally emerged and it seems that everything will be in the spotlight on him in the new episode. Let's find out the preview together.

Recently, Team 7 was involved in a rescue mission in the anime that exposed its members to some threats. Was among the enemies encountered Ao, Ninja from Crap Village and Traitor from Konoha, and later the Fearsome Kashin Kojiwhich caused Boruto to show itself in a new form. The last episode ended with a cliffhanger: after the protagonists passed an area where a fight appeared to have taken place, they found the unconscious body of Kawaki.

Thanks to the preview of episode 188 posted at the end of the news, we can see that Movements of some members the evil group. However, the voice actors' words all focus on the young character who is in a crater and who has the same symbols of Boruto on hand. At the end of the video we learn that the episode title "awakening"and at the same time we notice that the new character stands up and is enveloped by the chakra. Therefore, it is likely that the boy will take action and show his special nature karma, Ability introduced in the first episode of the anime.

What do you think? Are you waiting to find out more details about Kawaki? Let us know in the comments.

Finally, I leave a fan clip in which the characters of Boruto Konohamaru and Kashin Koji compete against each other.

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