Currently for fans of Black clover it is a time of absolute darkness. Studio Pierrot's animated series has been shelved for over a year, while author Yuki Tabata recently planned a long hiatus for his manga. To encourage fans, new official information is arriving on the film, which is set to be released in 2023.

As some fans have noted, Black Clover's Blu-ray Disc home video extras include an interview with Director Ayataka Tanemura in which he claims to be working on the film. "Thanks for watching the anime so far"says Tanemura."He will work as a director on the film, which is currently in production“We preview his work in the first trailer for Black Clover: The Movie.

That's good news for viewers of the anime adaptation, since synonymous with absolute guarantee. For the uninitiated, Ayataka Tanemura has been working on the anime series as an assistant director alongside director Tatsuya Yoshihara since episode 28. He is responsible for the sensational key scenes of episodes 91 and 118. From episode 153 to 170, the last Tanemura currently airing, has been appointed to direct the anime.

It is not yet officially known who will be working with him. According to rumors from the network, much of the Studio Pierrot's anime staff is reconfirmed for working on the film. However, what intrigues fans the most is knowing if Black Clover – the Movie will have an original story or if the manga will be adapted instead.

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