The success of the anime Spy x family, after only 7 episodes it's just amazing. Pictures and videos of the series are depopulating all over the web, and they are gaining a lot of recognition. The production by Wit Studio and CloverWorks based on the manga by Tatsuya Endo brought to life two animated characters such as Anya and Yor Forger, who are now idols of the masses.

It goes without saying that at trade fairs all over the world i Spy x Family Character Cosplay are now on everyone's lips. The cosplayers' creations are then shared on social networks, such as the gorgeous Yor cosplay in casual wear, which is posted on Twitter. The disguises dedicated to little Anya were not missing either, even if the character always seems a bit "grown up".

A very short video posted online, lasting about two seconds, sees the protagonists Anya and Yor Cosplay from Spy x Family driving a scooter. As we can see from @'s tweetsomoskudasai At the end of the news, the video is captured by a cellphone at a street crossing, with the two cosplayers being filmed from behind as they walk away. Oddly enough, it's her Anya Cosplay Driving with Y sitting behind her.

The author of the video is currently unknown, although we'd certainly love to know more about these two cosplays. But most of all, we'd really like to know what happened to it duskaka Loid Forger, protagonist with his subliminal messages from Spy x Family 1x07 available on Crunchyroll.

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