In Italy, Berserker fans can comfort themselves with the new Planet Manga box set, which will be available in local comics in a few days. But for those who are waiting for a new chapter in the Kentaro Miura manga, it is now one waiting period after another.

It seems like a long time ago that Berserk 362 was published in Hakusensha's Young Animal Magazine. Berserk has not published the 14-day magazine since October, probably due to the time it took Kentaro Miura to create the new tables.

These days Young Animal magazine is about to return to Japan and as previously announced, Berserk is not there. Will it be in the next issue? The preview seems to want to destroy the dreams of the fans again. On the pages that leaked online and then picked up by some insiders like Manga Mogura that you can see below, it has been confirmed in the January 8th, 2021 edition doesn't seem to have the name Berserk in the list of manga that will be published.

So the only chance to see Berserk in January is next month's issue 24. And you instead if you think Berserk chapter 363 will be published?

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