Although the serialization of the manga ended in 2014 and the anime adaptation three years later, Naruto is still one of the most popular shonen in the community. The adventure of the blond ninja of Konoha has indeed inspired millions of children, including Zion Williamson, creator of the collaboration between the work of Kishimoto and the Jordan brand.

In a video interview published on the sports brand's official YouTube channel, the Basketball player for the New Orleans Pelicans explained how the idea of ​​partnership between Naruto and Jordan was born. Driven by this innovative project, Williamson has been a huge fan of the series since childhood.

In the same interview, the NBA player revealed details about the Air Jordan Naruto x Zion shoe designs. The first model, the Sneaker 200E, take the typical color of the Jonin of the Leaf Village. This choice, Zion says, goes back to the adults who inspired his life, just as the Jonin led Naruto's.

The second pair are the Zion 1 Nine Tails, whose colorway is inspired by the moments when the Nine-tailed fox possessed Naruto. The third and final model represented, the Zion 1 Kyubi, is inspired by the Kurama mode coloringin which Naruto learns to control his seeker's power.

These shoes are available in the Nike store at price of 129.99 euros, are described as follows: β€œWith his easy-going personality and exceptional talent, Zion is as unique on the pitch as his boots. They are light, stable and robust and have a durable sole that guarantees grip on the court. Plus, Air cushioning delivers the step-in comfort and quick responsiveness you know and love".

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