In the last chapter of Dragon Ball great We witnessed Gas's return to the planet Cereal, which then set out to confront Goku and Vegeta. After hearing the words recorded by Bardock's scout about his battle with gas and the pride of the Saiyans, the two Saiyans have regained their strength and increased their ambitions.

Before that, the two offspring of the strongest warriors in the universe wanted to buy time for a revival granola, which had been turned off by Gas itself. The Cerulean was then assisted by Monaito, who still takes care of him at his home. Meanwhile, in Dragon Ball Super 84, Goku and Vegeta have formed a team of divine power and use their forms to fight gas. Ultra instinct and ultra ego.

A question arises: What becomes of Granolah?? At the moment he is resting at Monaito, but the Cerulean could take part in the clash with Gas at any moment. After all, the title of the current Dragon Ball Super story arc is “Granolah the Survivor".

What if this is not the case? According to some theories, it could just be Granolah watching with the roles reversed Goku and Vegeta fight with gas. It is well known that after defeat, the Saiyans increase their strength, and during the battle with Gas Vegeta has already risen several times, always more powerful than before. In the finale of Dragon Ball Super 84, Il Saiyan Prince He even manages to deliver a powerful punch to Gas, which was unthinkable a few chapters ago.

Whether Granolah will return to help Goku and Vegeta fight Gas is still unknown, but the feeling is that the strength of the Two Saiyans are enough to defeat the Heeter. We don't yet know how many chapters are left at the end of the Granolah the Survivor arc, but we want to review the fight against Granolah, perhaps as early as Dragon Ball Super 85.

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