The return of Black clover marked the series' official entry into the final story arc. It took Tabata a few chapters to present the new, frightening threat facing humanity and a new environment where the protagonist could learn powerful techniques. Let's see the training results shown in chapter 348 of the manga.

The heavy defeat against Lucius Zogratis was only the beginning of a new adventure for Asta, which came after he woke up land of the sunthe country of origin of Yami Sukehiro, was able to invest time in honing his skills alongside experienced fighters like the Black Bull captain's younger sister, and Asta in particular had the opportunity to do so understand and control the pegspeculiar technique of the inhabitants of the place, and has proved very useful in the last few chapters.

In fact, the antagonist didn't wait long before launching a new attack, this time aimed at the Land of the Sun. Asta and his new allies found themselves against the paladins of Lucius, led by the now subjugated Sister Liliand after the fall of the seven Ryuzen, Asta decided to return to the battlefield and show a different fighting style for the first time.

The protagonist, as also highlighted by the Ryuzen in the previous chapters, in a short time managed to master the Zetten, also to develop his own peculiar form and to understand that he just had to act without thinking too much about how to approach combat. A decision that allowed him to decisively counter his opponents and instinctively release his technique, as shown by the tables shared by a fan in the following posts.

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