Not all Souls They focus on crucial battles for the fate of humanity or love stories. There are actually some very important works that can stimulate the viewer's IQ.

Japanese anime is viewed by most as simple cartoons for kids and can even improve viewers' cognitive skills. Anime fans have come to social media to discuss which franchises are best for "making a person smarter". Let's figure out nine series that you should definitely pay attention to stimulate your IQ.

With over 200 million copies sold, Detective Conan is a manga written and created by Gosho Aoyama. The plot of Detective Conan follows the events of Shinichi Kudo, a skilled investigator who, despite his young age, already works with the police to solve the most complex cases. But during an investigation caught by a criminal, he is given a potent drug that makes him ten years younger. Shinichi has become a child again and wants to find out the identity of the men who attacked him. the perfect job of stimulating the public a Think about who the culprit is.

Another great job for testing the brain is Erased by Kei Sanbe. The mangaka apprentice Satoru Fujinuma suffers from a special phenomenon in which he manages to travel a few minutes into the past in case of danger. Activating his power, however, catapults the boy into 1988, when his girlfriend Kayo Hinazuki lost her life. A complex Puzzle based on murders.

Death Note couldn't be missing from this list. Thanks to his notebook, Light Yagami tries to kill all criminals and exterminate evil from the world. But when the boy starts this practice, these mysterious deaths attract attention a famous detective. Another story of murders and investigations.

Naoki Urasawa Monster tells the story of the brilliant neurosurgeon Kenzo Tenma saving a child from certain death. However, nine years later, this child commits a series of heinous murders. To make up for the mistake in the past, Tenma decides to leave her life behind to catch it.

Let's move on to a newer piece of work, Dr. Stone. In the year 5739, a strange catastrophe turned mankind to stone. Taiju Oki inexplicably manages to awaken and finds himself in a reality in which nature has taken over civilization. Thanks to Power of sciencethe boy will try to find a cure for humanity.

Still on the subject of science, it is impossible, Steins; Gate, not to mention a job to focus on Time travel. But not only Japanese works, the American cartoon series Rick and Morty also takes viewers on a journey through science.

From science to the car; Initial D will help improve Your skills behind the wheel. Shigeno's work follows the story of Takumi, a delivery boy who has to travel to the top of Mount Akina in his legendary Toyota AE86 every day.

On the contrary, Code Geass will guide you to it immerse yourself in the story, albeit fictional, of the British and Japanese empires. What other franchise would you add to this list? The election challenge between Trump and Biden has turned into an anime. risks closing its doors: another blow to anime piracy.

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