Person, Violet is ready to steal your heart in a great cosplay from a Dutch model

A thin line separates the series of games Shin Megami Tensei from a real anime, and the latest installment in the spin-off series "Persona" has brought hundreds of thousands of gamers to the Japanese culture. The love for the series is also expressed in cosplay and today We decided to show you one dedicated to the beautiful violet.

You can check out some shots of Dutch model Esther below, or if you prefer Keikocosplay, posted on Reddit a few days ago and rewarded with thousands of likes. The girl wore Yoshizawa's Phantom Thief Costume, the latest playable character featured in the final Persona 5 Royal Edition.

Persona 5 turned out to be a real gold mine for Atlus. with nearly five million copies sold in four yearsthrough two editions. Persona 4, the previous chapter, stopped at just under two million, while previous editions didn't even hit a million copies. The success of Persona 5 also led to the creation of a manga that was distributed by J-Pop in Italy.

What do you think about it? How would you rate this cosplay? Let us know with a comment! In the meantime, we remind you that the Persona spin-off manga Persona 5: Memento's Mission also ended last June.

Kasumi / Violet Cosplay from me [Self] (IG: @Keikocosplay) | Please be nice! by r / Persona5
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A contribution by Esther 🌸 恵 子 - (@keikocosplay)

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