the Dragon Ball Super Manga he abandoned Goku and Vegeta's attempts to become the strongest in the universe, at least for now. Toyotaro has dedicated himself to the narration of a prequel phase of the film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which was very successful in Japanese cinemas, in order to expand the story of these characters.

Now in middle school, Goten and Trunks go about their daily lives between studying and heroic activities. In fact, like Gohan a while ago, the two took inspiration from the superhero trend and morphed into Saiyaman X-1 and Saiyaman X-2. This caused a lot of problems for the guys, since this Dragon Ball Super saga started immediately with a clash with Doctor Hedo's henchmen, which also put Mai in danger. As they fought, everything was filmed by the mysterious doctor.

dr Gelo's nephew actually took advantage of Beta to find the one who stole the Experiments and Inventions data CD, encountering the two young Saiyans disguised as superheroes. During this fight, very simple for the two protagonists, Hedo was enchanted by the attitude and especially by the uniform of the two boys and found elements on both sides that he takes as a reference. So he decides to do it Create Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 based on Goten and Trunks: The two boys became the source of inspiration that led Hedo to create the antagonists of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

Did you notice Cell's guest appearance in this chapter?

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